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Mental Health Court Support Services

This program is provided in cooperation with the office of the Crown Attorney to assist individuals with mental health issues who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System. Services include:

Who can refer an individual?

- The Accused (self-referral)
- Family or friends
- Crown Attorney
- Police
- Duty or Defence Counsel
- Community Agencies

Mental Health Court Diversion

The purpose is to divert the accused individual who has a mental health issue to appropriate community based treatment and support services. The aim is to minimize future contact with the criminal justice system.

Who qualifies for Court Diversion?

Individuals must:
- Have a serious and persistent mental illness, which may be managed through community based mental health services
- Have been charged with a minor criminal offense
- Agree to participate in mental health diversion (voluntary)
- Demonstrate a commitment to a recommended treatment plan
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Not pose a significant risk to the community

What are the benefits?

- Accountable alternative to costly court proceedings and incarcerations
- Assists in restoring individuals to communities and families
- Following successful completion, the accused will not have a criminal record for that particular offense
- Addresses some of the underlying causes of crime by focussing on treatment of the mental health issues of the person charged

Case Management

Mental Health Case Management will be provided as part of a diversion plan approved by the crown attorney. Individuals who do not meet the criteria for diversion may consult with the mental health court support worker.

The services may include assisting with:

  • coordination of mental health services
  • referrals to psychiatric care
  • obtaining social assistance and/or suitable housing
  • referrals to longer term support services
  • referrals to appropriate community services
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Consultation and Information

The Mental Health Court Support Services program is a resource for information and referral. Individuals, family and/or friends, lawyers (for the accused or the Crown Attorney), case managers, and other community agencies may have questions about services, court procedures, consumer issues, mental health services, or options available to someone who has been arrested and suffers from a serious and persistent mental illness.

Contact a Mental Health Court Support Worker for information.

If you have any questions regarding the Mental Health Court Support Services, or to make a referral for diversion, contact ENSH Inc. and speak with a Court Support Worker - or visit our Apply For Services page.

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