Ying-YangSun & Shadows

SUN AND SHADOWS is a group of individuals who act as a
source of support, experience and education for one another.
The common bond is the challenge of an affective disorder.

Affective disorders are characterized by a disturbance in affect or mood.
The word "affect" refers to the emotional colouring and responsivity with
which people view the world. In affective disorders uncontrolled mood swings
occur either in the form of excessive elation (mania) or excessive unhappiness (depression).
One may experience a cycle of moods involving mania and depression and thus named
bipolar affective disorder. One may experience a depressive illness without the uncontrolled elation.


It is paramount that the group and our activities evolve from the needs voiced by its members.
Thus the nature of the group may change as needs change. Also, fulfillment of the needs must
largely result from sharing the talents from within the group so each participant feels their own
strength, ability and worth.

The monthly meeting are open to anyone interested in attending. There is no need to register.

This local chapter is affiliated with the Depressive and Manic Depressive Association of Ontario.
The provincial mission statement believes that education, information and support can help
alleviate the problems associated with depression and manic depression.


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except in August)
at the Abel Enterprises lunchroom in Simcoe Square, 505 Queensway West, Simcoe.
(Beside the Equipment Centre)

For additional information you can contact the Sun and Shadows
support and education group by telephoning:

Pam (519) 428-0660 or Tracey (519) 426-7259

E-Mail Tim at timbit@kwic.com

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